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Dental Implants

Dental Implant DiagramImplants replace the roots of teeth and can be used to anchor a single crown or crowns, a bridge or a denture. Titanium is used because of its ability to be incorporated into bone, a process called Osseointegration. Implants are typically 2-5mm in diameter and some 10-18mm in length.

The dental implant procedure commonly begins with a patients being referred by their general dentist to an oral surgeon that specializes in implants. It is also common for a general dentist to work with the specialist in providing the crown and bridgework supported by the implants.¬†Implant diagnosis typically includes a careful consultation with history and radiographic examination. Note is made of the patient’s medical history.

Dental implant placement is a minor surgical which may be done in conjunction with extraction of teeth. After the dental implant is placed, the healing will happen quite quickly for the soft tissues; within a matter of week or two. The healing of bone around a dental implant is termed osseointegration and can be likened to a healing bone fracture. During this time Dr. Bennett may have the patient return to the office frequently to check the progress of the healing. When the Doctor feels that the implant site is completely healed and the implant has been incorporated into the jaw bone the final restoration may be placed. Dr. Bennett works closely with your general dentist from start to finish.